Powerful and minimalist note taking app !

Katana for Mac OSX

Simple note taking

With its simple dual pane design, write notes effortlessly. The "Distraction Free Mode" allows you to focus on content to make you more productive.

Markdown syntax

Your notes are stored in plain text but you can easily format them as you type with the built-in markdown syntax highlighter. You focus on content, the app formats it automatically.

Powerful search

The built-in search engine lets you search notes by subject, content and also by tags. It also highlights matches as you type.

Plain text

Your notes are created as plain text files stored on your computer. We believe this is extremely important for those who want to keep control on their data and not rely on a third party service to store/access notes.

Ready for sync

Even though files are stored locally, you can easily sync them to other devices with third party apps like Dropbox, Box.com, etc...


You can make the app your own. All note editor colors and fonts are fully customizable. You can also assign global system hotkeys to show the app or create notes instantly.

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